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ASEC Engineering Signs Plant Management Agreement in Mozambique:

   ASEC Engineering and Management, the leading Cement Plant O&M service provider in Egypt and MENA region has signed a contract with Cimento Nacionale Ltda for the Operation and Maintenance of its Cement production plant near the city of Maputo the Capital of Mozambique. Cimento Nacionale Ltda is the second largest producer of cement in Mozambique.
The objective of the contract is for ASEC Engineering to utilize its knowhow and expertise to assist Cimento Nationale Ltda to increase the production volumes, reduce the production cost, and improve the product quality. ASEC Engineering is also to introduce and implement professional systems for all aspects of production, quality, maintenance, warehousing, HR, etc… In addition to that ASEC's scope covers extensive training for the local Mozambican staff through the prestigious "ASEC Academy" training programs and courses.
The contract covers a period of one year of operation and maintenance of the cement production facility and is foreseen to be extended for a further 5 years after the conclusion of the first year.
ASEC Engineering is already operating and maintaining 10 cement production lines within Egypt that is accountable for around 25% of the combined Egyptian Cement production. ASEC Engineering is also engaged in various other operations around the region.
“This contract with Cimento Nacionale Ltda is the first fruit of ASEC Engineering ambitious plans to expand its business territory into Sub-Saharan Africa. It is also a fruit of the already strong long-standing position of ASEC Group on the Egyptian, Arabian and North African markets". Mr. Khaled El Sebaie the CEO of ASEC commented.

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