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privacy Policy:

1. Personally identifiable information is any information that might identify the user's identity.

2. Browsing our website can be performed by users anonymously; however, we might request personally identifiable information at any part of the website to deliver a specific service or information that you have requested. The use of the collected information will take place in compliance with our stated privacy policy.

3. Data about your usage of the website services and domain information might also be collected to provide insights about new means to improve services delivered.

4. Your personally identified data will not be subject to any misuse by ASEC Holding (NDT) or its subsidiaries. These data will not be disclosed to any third party except to enable the user a better service, information or transaction requested by the user.

5. Your personally identifiable data is safeguarded and protected from any unauthorized access through our applied physical and electronic protection mechanisms and procedures.

6. Privacy policy was last updated on October, 2007. ASEC Holding (NDT) reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time without prior written notification. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, any new privacy policies will only apply to users upon acceptance thereof upon the user's first subsequent login.

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