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The gateway to mastery of cement technology

ASEC Academy had contributed to the career success of more than 6000 professionals, crafting its name as the leading regional training institute of cement manufacturing.

Round the year, the Academy provides standard courses covering all cement critical training. Furthermore, it offers tailored programs based on needs' assessment.


Arab Swiss Engineering Company “ASEC"

A name that has been associated for decades with operational excellence and reliable support rendered to cement producers in the Middle East & Africa

Approaching its 5th decade and with a track record that spans over every aspect of the cement industry from consultancy and engineering to the full management of cement facilities; not to mention, ASEC Academy the major contributor to the development of manpower in the region, ASEC's achievements speak for themselves

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greenfield, brownfield, rehabilitation projects for private and publich sector companies


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Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

  • Full Technical Management
  • Technical Assistance
  • Overhauling

Equipment Reliability

  • Preventive Maintenance System
  • Reliability – Centered Maintenance
  • Specialized Maintenance Services
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Infra-red Thermography

consultancy Services

  • Greenfield Projects
  • Capacity Upgrades
  • Rehabilitation Projects
  • Alternative Fuel
  • Technical Audits

Poeple Development

  • Manpower planning
  • Selection & assessment Center
  • Standard Manufacturing program
  • On- Job Training
  • Tailored program

Operational Optimization

  • Processs audits & measurements
  • process optimization
  • stansdard operation procedures
  • inventory management

Maximizing your returns

In a marker a characterized with product oversupply and significant increase in cost of operation, operational efficiency plays a pivotal role in sustaining profitable margins. Our operational and maintenance support safeguards your investment from costly operational interruptions, excessive fuel consumption in addition to enhancing site readiness for dealing with design or erection faults

Flexible operation & maintenance packages

Our O&M compares various packages starting from short term task-based support all the way up to outsourcing the plant full O & M .Based on the client requirements and our technical assessment of the plant condition, we recommend the suitable packages

Out sourcing O & M plant Technical Management

Option for full plant technical management will realize three direct gains

  • Taking on the responsibility of the Plant technical performance.
  • Guaranteed performance levels linked to the cost of operation.
  • Enhance equipment reliability and longer lifetime of the plant.

Indirect benefits entails least protection of investment, our services under plant technical management comprises, best calibers and applying best practices.

  • Planning and caring on the operational functions: production, maintenance, inspection, preventive maintenance, inspection and quality control.
  • Introduction and applying management systems for all operational areas in addition to, warehousing and spare parts management inventory
  • Improving the practices and compliance with International HR management for the O & M team including hiring training and replacement.

Plant Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is a perfect choice for plant or grinding stations where owners require technical support at supervisory levels in order to lead less experienced teams on site. Plant technical assistance may include

  • On-site support for the clients teams to carry out O & M functions & gradual knowledge transfer to domestic teams through on - the job training. Introducing and integrating operation, maintenance, warehouse, inventory and quality control systems.
  • Introduction of safety policy and standards.
  • Supporting procurement planning through defining specification and equipment standards


  • Complete kiln sections replacement overhauling & replacement of kiln accessories and bearings components. (girth gear, roller, bearing, nose ring, …. etc.)
  • Grinding & alignment of riding rings and girth gear systems
  • Replacement of inner pipes; duct works, sheet metal works, cyclone roofs including castable and refractory works.
  • Complete overhauling of tube mills including diaphragms, lining bearing girth gear replacement and maintenance lining of ducts, cyclone separation & crushers.
  • Maintenance of separators.
  • Maintenance of crushers
  • Overhauling for different types of coolers
  • Maintenance of hydraulic systems and its accessories
  • Change rotors and all parts of limestone & clay crushers
  • Changing and complete overhauling and maintenance of limestone reclaimers of different types welding (cold and hot vulcanizing) for all types of belt conveyors bricks and castable work for preheater


Our X-ray experts are highly qualified in maintaining, repairing and operation of laboratory equipment; particular, as x-ray spectrometers used for chemical analysis of materials used in cement and other industrial applications.

Extending equipment lifetime & reliable performance

Maintaining your facility in the optimal operative condition is highly dependent on an efficient maintenance management system. At ASEC, we ensure proper management of your assets and enhance equipment reliability through adopting reliability-cantered maintenance “RCM”

Shifting to Reliability-Centered Maintenance “RCM”

Based on our experience, traditional maintenance involves several vulnerabilities:

  • Disruption of the daily plan by previous night events.
  • Planned maintenance is frequently dropped & re-built.
  • Significant waste of time due to switching resources from one job to another.

Reliability-centered maintenance is one of the most advanced, highly efficient maintenance strategies, first introduced in the aviation industry back in 1978. The RCM integrates all the advantages of traditional maintenance strategies, through selecting the most appropriate and tailor-made maintenance strategy per equipment in the plant based on its criticality score and reliability parameters.

Unlike traditional maintenance, RCM involves a shift from a maintenance culture to a reliability culture. ASEC team introduces, plans and integrates RCM into your plant maintenance plans and coaches your resident team throughout the shift to planning maintenance as per a criticality matrix specific to every piece of equipment. A paradigm shift that grants the below gains:

  1. Reduce RAV “Replacement Asset Value” to craft-wage headcount ratio.
  2. Reduce maintenance unit cost /activities
  3. Reduce stocked MRO inventory value
  4. Increase Mean Time Between Failures Decrease Mean time to repair
  5. Monitor machine health performance and failure rates through the advanced monitoring system “OMAS” and predict faults.

Specialized Maintenance

More than 40 customers in 9 countries have benefitted from ASEC's unique specialized maintenance services for all rotary equipment major of cement, fertilizers, gypsum, petrochemicals and sugar industries spanning:

  • Hot and cold comprehensive alignment for rotary equipment
  • Tyres, supporting roller sand thrusts surfaces grinding
  • Visual mechanical inspection and Measurement.
  • Kiln shell and temperature profiles.

Vibration Analysis

ASEC provides the service of vibration monitoring and analysis using dual channel machinery analyzers and condition monitoring software, as well as dynamic balancing (multi plane, multi speed) for rotating equipment.

Vibration monitoring and analysis are major predictive maintenance tools that reduce maintenance costs and help avoid unplanned outages. Vibration monitoring helps maintenance and operation personnel identify and repair machinery problems before failure occurs, thus increasing the reliability of equipment and extending the operation’s lifetime.

Infra-red Thermography

ASEC provides the service of equipment inspection using infra-red thermography, which is a modern way for predicting faults in electrical and mechanical equipment.

the experienced and independent consultant.

cement and energy projects involve signification investements. construction delays and design defacts are quite costly . independent from equiments suppliers and EPC constractors , ASEC prides itself to be the consultant of choice for more than 500 projects .

Engineering & Consultancy for grenfield projects

ASEC has consulted for 33 cement Greenfield projects locally & overseas. We are proud of being the consultant for Beni Suef cement complex, inaugurated in 2018. The project comprises six production lines all constructed and commissioned simultaneously.

pre-construction services

  • project identification "general concept"
  • feasibility study & project evaluation
  • revision of quarry raw materials study
  • projects technical specifications of process and equipment
  • project technical specifications : civil construction and road works
  • detailed engineering of technical process
  • preparation of tender document for equipment supply
  • preparation of tender document for civil ,constructions and other works
  • assisting in EPC constrictor's short-listing
  • tender evaluations of EPC offers contract

During construction

  • general project management
  • supervision of execution , construction and electro-mechanical correrection
  • reviews of suppliers technical specification & drawings
  • inspection of materials
  • follow-up equipment , machinery and structure fabrication
  • inspections of fabrication

After Construction

  • supervising project commissioning
  • client representation during project closure with vendors and contractors
  • punch list and project documentation
  • Supervisor of provisional handing over

Alternative fuel projects

Shifting to alternative fuel has been an unavoidable choice amid the surge in fossil fuel cost. ASEC extends its consultancy and engineering support to fuel conversion projects spanning design, fabrication and installation of complete alternative fuel systems in cement plants; moreover, our engineering support undertakes critical process modification to ensure conformity to the new fuel system and general debottlenecking of the conversion process.

Technical audits and studies

In a relentless quest for operational efficiency, Owners seek plant inspection and technical evaluation to identify areas of deficiencies in safety procedures, production, mechanical and electrical equipment's evaluation and maintenance system; in addition to preventive maintenance procedures.

ASEC team performs complete technical audits of process, people and equipment, and provides owners with comprehensive reports including findings the recommended solutions.

ASEC Academy

The Gate T Mastery Of Cement Technology

ASEC Academy had contributed to the career success of more than 16k cement professionals. Crafting its name as the leading regional of cement manufacturing. Round the year, the academy provides standard courses covering all cement critical training. Moreover, its offers tailored programs based on needs assessment.

Industry veterans and practitioners

A well-designed training courses renders , The outlined learning targets . however, immense value can be brought in via the trainers professional knowledge and practical experience . with this in mind , we offer an outstanding value for our beneficiaries via our intructors from industry venterans , pracititioners and academic figures

Simulator training

we understand that operators take decisions of great impact on your investments round the clock . As such , we offer training by stimulation along with indicative assessments for:

  • KILN operators
  • Cement and coal mills operators

On-the-job training

the Academy props practical learning on-the-job training ,supported with the best in-class professionals of all specializations. equiment manufacturers , our programs bid a rich learning experience of no match. smooth and effective tuition is further guaranteed via an organizational culre fostering knowledge - sharing

tailerd training programs

one size does not fit all. project condition domestic labor experience and technological development impact the trainning needs .Based on a comprenhsive assement of these training needs , we provide tailored programs to cater for the specific requirement of every clients

ASEC Cement manufacturing Course "ACMC".

AN impressive 5-week learning experience essential for engineers, chemists and geologists offering a comprehensive view of all stages of cement manufacturing process to the latest technological advancements.

The program blends scientific theory with best practice , tho provide workable methodologies . participants are encouraged to delve into ASEC's signature program which represents the right start for their career in the cement industry

Manpower PLANNING AND organizational optimization

  • plan or restructure the organization based on plant Technical requirements.
  • Eliminate overlaps and establish accountability.
  • Build job profiles and critical skills .
  • performance management system .
  • structure job granding and salary sstructure .
  • Define scope of responsibility per department and overall workflow.


Plant owners do not neccessarily possess the necessary experience to perform efficient project staffing . exploiting its experience in attracting the right candidates and their evalution across all its projects , ASEC has developed clear process , procedures and assement tools to accomlish project staffing in record time and effevtivencess. our assements center renders assessments for evaluting freshmen , experienced,technicians , engineers and chemists .

Process measurements & optimization

Meeting capacity targets does not guarantee profitable operation. Carrying out regular process measurements reveals process bottleneck which are conductive to excessive energy consumption or process disruptions. Exploiting the latest measurement equipment, our team analyzes the collected readings and recommends measures for debottlenecking the process; continuous consistent operation and thus ensures the most efficient energy consumption rates which boils down into improved margins

cappacity upgrades

If plant higher production capacity is commercially required but technically unattainable, then you certainly should consider upgrading your production line, we have a long record of successful capacity upgrade projects entailing extensive process modifications, replacing equipment and raw mix studies. Capacity upgrades are always a feasible option versus embarking on significant investments for constructing of new lines.

standard operating procedures

Human errors occur, especially in absences of standard manuals or expert supervision could have negative impact on plant economics. Creating standard operating procedures for all plant areas serves as a knowledge archive that leads to reduced incident stoppages resulting from human faults. Our technical center launches steers and implements SOPs through driving the plant teams to document their activities evaluate them against best practice and delivers the proper SOPs.

inventory management system

Efficiently managing inventory that allows for a smooth operation and maintenance via ensuring availability of security spares safeguards the plant against interrupted operation and permits only for planned stoppages. Developing an effective inventory management system entails

  • A complete list of all recommended spare parts according to O & M suppliers.
  • Spare parts delivery planning
  • Description and classification of spare parts
  • Coding of spare parts.
  • Defining the minimum and maximum stock according to delivery cycle: production cost and delivery time.
  • Spare parts delivery planning.